We are committed to producing the highest quality product possible.
We make each batch using 1 gram of C60 in 1400ml of Olive Oil. Since the saturation point is approximately .8mg/ml, using a ratio below this helps ensure that the C60 is fully dissolved.

We use only ultra-pure (99.95%) Carbon 60 Fullerenes(Buckminsterfullerenes).
Nanoparticles of fullerenes are obtained by grinding the C60 solids by glass mortar and pestle.
The micronized C60 is added to high-polyphenol certified-organic extra virgin olive oil.
Each batch of the solution is sealed with a rubber stopper and stirred continuously using a magnetic stirrer for a minimum of 2 weeks.
We centrifuge each batch for 1/2 hr at 14000 RPM in a Eppendorf 5414 Centrifuge.
The solution is decanted and then vacuum filtered using a 500ml Tisch Scientific sterilized filter system with a .22 micron porisity which is small enough to remove most aggregates (and even bacteria).
The filtered solution is measured and distributed into amber colored heat-sterilized glass bottles.
The bottles are tamper-sealed and refrigerated for storage.
Carbon 60 will react with light. We take care to expose it as little as possible. It should be stored in a dark place.