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Anti-aging has dissimilar but common meanings and implications. Scientifically, anti-aging means solely preventing, slowing, or reversing the aging process. Centrophenoxine is an intelligence booster and a valuable anti-aging agent. Centrophenoxine, CPH, or meclofenoxate has significantly helped improve various aspects of memory function with a 30 percent increase in life span of laboratory animals.

Centrophenoxine, a cholinergic compound, has a DMAE or Dimethylaminoethanol component and is a better-absorbed carrier of DMAE into the brain. It is helpful in reversing some of the signs of aging, especially buildup of waste products in the brain. Taking meclofenoxate in high doses for a month acts as an all-purpose neural enhancer while also as a protector when taken at a lower dose regularly.

Centrophenoxine’s Effects in the Brain
It reverses the lipofuscin and beta-amyloid pigmentation build-up and acts as an anti-oxidant against lipid peroxidation. Additionally, centrophenoxine boosts the synthesis of RNA, protein as well as glucose uptake in neurons and its supports cells glial. On the other hand, these effects (latter) are dependent on the decline in lipofuscin build-up and so, do not show any effect in youth, having no build up of lipofuscin.

Treating dementia with centrophenoxine is effective as it helps boosting the intracellular water content and by enhancing skills in cognition testing with a dose of 2g for 8 weeks. intracellular  dehydration and aging are linked.

Cetrophenoxine is memory optimizer, potent choline source, enhances concentration, combats brain aging, boosts neuroplasticity, and facilitates learning.

Potent Choline
Choline is a vital nutrient for brain functioning, but nearly 90 percent of the people are deficient. Generally, choline flows from your circulating blood to the brain. However, when it is at low levels, choline is sent back into the bloodstream. Choline is available in foods such as eggs, liver, and meats. Available choline supplements have poor bioavailability and 60 percent of it breaks down in the gut. Meclofenoxate is a superior to the Choline supplement, with enhanced absorption into the blood due to the DMAE present in it. Subsequently, DMAE converts easily into choline in the liver; consequently, a larger amount of choline is available to the brain.

Enhancing levels of Acetylcholine
Upon reaching your brain, choline is used as phosphatidylcholine to integrate into the brain cell membranes or it is converted into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. One of the important neurotransmitters, acetylcholine helps enhancing memory, focus and reasoning functions. It involves memory storage processes and the conversion of short-term to long-term memory as well as memory recovery. There is a direct connection between higher levels of acetylcholine with greater information retention, learning, and synaptic plasticity.

Removal of Lipofuscin
Lipofuscin, is a biochemical waste product that accumulates in cells with ageing. This is distinctively noticeable on the skin as ‘brown liver spots’. No one can see the lipofuscin build-up in the brain cells, which is as much as 33 percent of the volume of your cells and with time, reduces healthy cellular function. A high level causes impaired learning and memory abilities exhibiting a more rapid rate of neuron death.

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