Dosage Calculator

(in Lbs.)
(number of times)
(diff. dropper bulb volume)
So, Dose= mg, or ml of our solution,
or approx. number of dropper squeezes.

This estimator is provided for your reference only. Depending on your experimental objectives, you’ll want to do your own calculations.

Many assumptions are used in this algorithim, for example, we are attempting to simulate dosage used on the Baati Study, but since they were testing toxicity, we adjusted the result by a factor of 30%. Allometric Scaling is used and the exponent and coefficient is based on large mammals.

The exact formula can be seen by viewing the source code of this page.

There have been studies suggesting that C60 may also enhance autophagy, and if so, C60EVOO may work better given larger doses once per week rather than smaller everyday.

A new study discussing Nanoparticles and Autophagy is available for download.