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Circulating Klotho levels decline during aging. In humans, Klotho deficiency features medial calcification, intima hyperplasia, endothelial dysfunction, arterial stiffening, hypertension, impaired angiogenesis, and vasculogenesis (i.e., characteristics of early vascular aging). Several studies have suggested that pharmaceutical replacement of Klotho can improve complications associated with CKD. Pre-clinical studies have indicated that administration of soluble Klotho can reduce renal fibrosis, VC, and EMT. Administration of soluble Klotho has proven a safe and effective treatment for kidney injury and preservation of renal function in early clinical studies.

Purity: >90%

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Klotho Protein
klotho is only bio-available via injection. A ug (a microgram) is a very small mass (1 millionth of a gram), and the vial will appear nearly empty with only 5 units of clear liquid in the bottom. This material should be kept as cold as possible, but avoid freeze-thaw cycles. We ship it with two frozen gel packs, but depending on weather etc, these only last about 2 days. We recommend and have next day courier shipping available with an extra cost of $35 to most locations(we will email about upgraded shipping after an order is received). We do not advise on dosages or use of this product. This substance is not sold for human use. Peptides and proteins are non-returnable.