Our mouse longevity study completed with interesting results. Frankly, we did not know what to expect. We tested our products and other promising substances on 245 interbred male C57BL/6 mice. We started the interventions when mice were 300 days old (about 50 in human yrs). Caveats: the sample sizes were very small, optimal dosages were guesses, and we did not weigh the mice -so some effects may be from dietary restriction, etc.

The best intervention was #1 (red line), C60 Olive Oil (the mouse feed was supplemented with about 10% BuckyLabs C60 in organic olive oil). This group also had the largest number of mice (16), so the confidence that something real is happening is greatest with this intervention. The next best group was Intervention 9 (NMN, spermidine, berberine, BHB, ALA, cycloastragenol, dhea, rhodiola, fisetin, icariin, echinacea, cistanche). The following next best interventions are clustered closely around the control, so no conclusions should be made. Surprising that the poorest performer was Intervention #20 (NMN, ALA, pterostilbene, cycloastragenol, centrophenoxine, spermidine, dhea, melatonin, rhodiola, luteolin, fisetin, icariin, echinacea, cistanche, carnitine) which is similar to the 2nd best performer. Also, Intervention #8 (RG7834, dhea, berberine, fisetin, NMN) did not do great. The results with our peptides/proteins did not appear to result in any significant longevity increases. Also, surprising was that the interventions with Rapamycin did not appear to produce significant improvements. Lastly, ours is the first lifespan study to investigate C60 with an alternative lipid, we tried MCT oil (basically coconut), and there was no lifespan improvement. 

1 C60 99.95 Olive Oil 10%
2 C60 in MCT oil 10%
4 cycloastragenol, NMN, fisetin, icariin, berberine, cistanche, AFA algae
5 exosomes, klotho, Fox04-dri, gdf11, epitalon
6 rapamycin, Azithromycin, metform, nmn, spermidine, echinacea
7 NMN, fisetin, C60
8 RG7834, dhea, berberine, fisetin, NMN
9 berberine, BHB, NMN, ALA, cycloastragenol, spermidine, dhea, rhodiola, fisetin, icariin, echinacea, cistanche
10 rapamycin, metformin, aspirin, niacin, RG7834, spermidine, fox04dri, gdf11
11 centrophenoxine, exosomes, fisetin, metformin
12 double dose fisetin, double NMN, double cycloastragenol
13 klotho, RG7834, spermidine
16 gdf11
17 spermidine
18 double NMN, double berberine, double centro, double cyclo, double fisetin
20 NMN, ALA, pterostilbene, cycloastragenol, centrophenoxide, spermidine, dhea, melatonin, rhodiola, luteolin, fisetin, icariin, echinacea, cistanche, carnitine
21 double fisetin, double NMN, double berberine, NAC, DHEA, echinacea, cistanche

Here is all our data!

The top 7 longest lived mice were c60oo, with 5 mice over 800 days, and 8 over 700 days. There was 132 days between 8th and 9th fatalities. Only 22 other mice from the over 200 mice lived 700 or more days, none lived longer than 800 days. 7 of the 16 c60oo group lived more than 70 days longer than the oldest control. The c60oo 25 percentile lived 9.5% longer than the next best group.