C60, also known as Buckminsterfullerene (and nicknamed buckyballs), is a molecule of carbon in the shape of a soccer ball. In mid 2012 a study came out that astounded longevity scientists and anti-aging enthusiasts. The study was to determine the toxicity of buckyballs. In addition to finding no toxicity in rats, they found their specimens lived remarkably longer.

Abstract of original study.


It is important to replicate this study to confirm the findings and to investigate the specific mechanism that apparently promotes longevity.
A C60 derivative also showed a lifespan increase in mice, available here.

How it works is a matter of speculation. An excellent discussion on the subject can be found here.

Many informative discussions are available on Longecity:

A study suggests that C60 may also enhance autophagy, and a new study discussing nanoparticles and autophagy is available for download here, it suggests c60 (they were not researching the C60OO version specifically) can promote autophagy or protect some cells. “could elicit cytoprotective effect partially through autophagy to eliminate the accumulation of Beta-amyloid…”

They mention that macrophagy can also be induced by rapamycin (or extreme Calorie Restriction) two interesting anti-aging mechanisms.

A recent study shows C60 and olive oil’s protective ability against the toxicity of a chemo drug.