Studies on C60 Fullerene & Its Derivatives


The effects of fullerene (C60) and its derivatives, according to a number of studies, show that it has a number of possible applications in the biomedical field. A number of researchers, believe that if there is any possible application of C60 and its derivatives they need to be addressed in a systematic way. Dissolving 0.8 mg of C60 in one milliliter of olive oil, by the dose calculation of 1.7 mg/kg of body weight, upon feeding to the rats, the average lifespan of a rat doubled by showing an increase of 90%. The study reports ‘C60 must be the most efficient of ever discovered material aiding to extend lifespan’.

Furthermore, the conclusion of the study reports that the reason of lifespan extension is mainly due to the lessening of age-related increases oxidative stress. This proved that C60 fullerene is a very promising material for its exclusive physiochemical properties. These results may prove extremely important in the medicine and toxicology fields, opening the way for the many possible biomedical applications of C60 in diseases like – cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, and ageing.

The results of a pharmacokinetics study show that the oily solutions of C60 the drug release rate is controlled by the screening adjuvant of the drug utilizing its oily vehicle with the tissue fluid. This way the lipophilic drugs release synchronously along with the dispersal of the oily vehicle from the injection site. The four possible methods that could help in C60 liver protection are:

  • C60 scavenging ability of destroying huge numbers of free radicals,
  • C60 disintegration and catalyst abilities for its tris-malonic acid derivatives over O2/H2O2, Some C60 fullerene derivatives have ability to inhibit cytochrome P450,
  • C60 inactivates ‘liver resident macrophages’, the Kupffer cells by aggregation and over capacitating with C60 aggregates in large numbers

Pathological examinations show at very low doses, almost 500 times lower than the originally used dosage, C60-olive oil solutions successfully protect liver from CCl4 toxicity. Experiments with very low doses of water solution of hydrated C60 fullerene, show the result in concurrence.

Moreover, the outcome of pristine C60 on lifespan emphasizes the absence of any chronic toxicity. Consequently, the results require more comprehensive studies proving improve in the intestinal absorption of C60 by using diverse guidelines for the administering stipulation of dose and duration of the treatment. The research on the efficacy and properties of C60 prove its insurmountable potential in the biomedical field, especially in the field of cancer therapy and ageing as well as age associated neurodegenerative disorders.

Perhaps the best way to invigorating and revitalizing the body is at its molecular and cellular level by getting rid of all accrued damages to restore a biologically younger state. Slowing the basic degenerative processes of aging, perhaps diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and dementia will no longer be so prevalent.

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